The city of Modena - Italy

Modena: a journey of three days

Modena - the dome

First day:  Arrival of clients/clients' transportation from the station or the airport and arrive at the hotel. In the afternoon guided tour of the city, that hosts the famous and importantPalazzo Ducale, near the Giardino Ducale Estense.

Modena became in fact the capital of the Duchy of Este in 1598, and for this reason needed a new face, from the palace to the houses of the courtesans, from the summer residences to the churches. Milestone is the Duomo, among the largest monuments of the Romanesque culture in Europe, declared in 1997 by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

Welcome dinner in a restaurant in the center, where they will be served specialties like tortellini, pasta stuffed with meat, usually served in broth, accompanied by Lambrusco DOC that comes from red grapes grown in the local vineyards. The evening will end with a walk under the Ghirlandina that is the white bell tower of the Duomo of Modena, visible from anywhere in the city.

Duomo and the GhirlandinaSecond day: after breakfast transfer of participants to Maranello, the city known worldwide as the home of Ferrari, with entrance and guide of its factories. Here you can observe the production processes that lead to the birth of a car with elegant and modern structure.

The history of Ferrari and Maranello are strongly linked since more than fifty years. Enzo Ferrari at the beginning started an alternative activity, followed by the creation of a new brand, which found its home in the “Scuderia Ferrari”. Lunch in a restaurant with typical dishes from Modena, as zampone, a cold cut IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) product with a mixture of pork, wrapped from the casing formed by the leg of a pig, or the lasagne verdi, ”, which provide , in the filling, asparagus in addition to the dough egg. In the afternoon visit to a vinegar factory, to know one of the most typical products of the area: balsamic vinegar, , produced with cooked must of local grapes, with its sweet and sour flavor./p>

The word “acetaia” (vinegar factory), very popular in the territory of Emilia, indicates the environment dedicated to the long process of production and aging of traditional balsamic vinegar. Here you can also buy those products of which you observed the production. Dinner with typical dishes as gnocco fritto and tigelle.

Museum of Deportees of CarpiThird day: During the morning we will visit the concentration camp of Fossoli and the Museum of Deportees of Carpi.

They offer an experience that permits you to relive the sensations of deportees detained in the camps, especially the museum creates a special atmosphere through suggestive and impressive works and finds. Free walk in the beautiful Piazza dei Martiri of Carpi, framed by the majestic portico with 50 columns and the imposing Castle of the family Pio, and in the background dominated by the Cathedral of the Assumption, a masterpiece of Mannerist art. Goodbye lunch with "cappelli del prete" (sometimes called “tricorni”), triangular ravioli remembering, in fact, the hats used by the priests.

Nel pomeriggio rientro alle proprie località con transfer organizzato.